Masks: Safety or a statement piece?

Agree or disagree, masks are here to stay. Mask is one of the basic essentials and a prime safety measure today. It’s funny how it’s become a centerpiece of our life. We see pictures of people actually placing their masks in a bowl of ‘carry these when you step out’ which previously included vehicle keys, house keys and wallet.

What’s this thing about designer masks? If you haven’t heard about them already, then yes, they exist. An explosion of fancy masks is making people leave a style statement. Okay, here’s the thing — masks aren’t new. People have been hoarding a safety mask to stay protected from flu and pollution. Hence, masks are now for more than protection from the deadly virus.

When the trend of wearing a mask began, we assumed it’s like any other trend which will soon change to something else. We wear masks in the name of safety, responsibility, and as a mark of respect, but as it’s become an imperative part of our lives now, it’s hiding our personality. Well then, are people using designer masks as a way of expression? Each mask with a design says something about the person — If it’s a woman wearing an embroidered mask, maybe she belongs to a bunch of creative intellects. If a boy is wearing a mask which has ‘chill’ written on it, maybe he’s happy-go-lucky.

People can’t see your face, so let’s show them a little bit of your personality through the mask. It just makes wearing the mask a little less uniform, as long as it checks all the safety levels. Fancy, quirky, creatively-designed masks are just like clothes — they say a lot about a person. So, are we personalising style and safety together in the time of Covid19?




Forward is a brand experience agency that believes in forward leaning and future thinking.

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Forward is a brand experience agency that believes in forward leaning and future thinking.

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